Have you struggled to find a portable tap floor?

... That's actually portable and doesn't cost a fortune?

Introducing the TAPfit Rollable & Foldable Dance Floor!
We truly believe that our TAPfit Floor is the best portable dance floor on the market!
  • Rollable: Can you believe it? YES! Our tap floor rolls up like a yoga mat
  • Foldable: Fold the floor for easy storage under the bed
  • Light Weight: Weighs only 5lbs!
  • ​High Quality: Made from high-quality wood
  • Non-slip: Non-slip fabric backing


+ Shipping and Handling

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The mat is great because it rolls like a yoga mat and it's light weight. I've just recovered from surgery so I don't have the strength to be rolling out a heavy mat, every time my daughter wants to practice her dance routines. This mat is wonderful- the best, lightest and cheapest I've seen on the market!
– Cindy, Phoenix, USA
All the other floors I've looked at are bulky and take up a huge amount of room. This floor is great because it packs away flat so I can hide it under my sofa when my daughter isn't practicing! I guess you could say I'm one happy Mom!
- Elizabeth, Philadelphia, USA
I love the TAPfit! FINALLY a tap floor which is actually amazing! It produces a great sound and is a wonderful at-home portable practice floor in between classes! Love Love Love it!
- Maria, San Diego, USA
I knew straight away that this was exactly what I needed to do tap at home on my carpet! The perfect solution for my at home practicing!
– Eva-Marie, Chicago, USA
The TAPfit floor is the ultimate solution to my needs! I wanted to practice at home in between classes but I have timber and didn't want to damage my floors. This is perfect!
- Bella, Austin, USA
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